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Alex Carberry

In the modern world 7 illnesses kill 70% of us because we don’t know Natural Healing. I teach and support Natural Healing so that my clients can live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Although the internet and media are overflowing with information, much of our health information is conflicting and so we can’t be sure of what to do. I combine the wisdom of 4000 years of recorded traditional herbal medical history with modern scientific medical knowledge, to help you solve your health problems today. Natural Healing is learning the wisdom to support your body’s natural ability to heal.

Unlike modern medicine Natural Healing combines body and mind, by an ancient wisdom called the constitutions (also called temperaments or biotypes). Your constitution teaches you to understand the archetypal patterning of your body, emotions and mind, and to learn how to work in harmony with your constitution for healing and to maintain your health. Because constitutions are also used to understand your food, environment, people and your medicines, they give you keys to heal yourself, your environment, your health, your relationships and those around you with one powerfully flexible wisdom.

I have studied Natural Healing, been running a Natural Healing clinic, written a book series (Know Yourself) on the psychology of the temperaments, designed products to support healing journeys and coached and have run workshops for well over a decade. You can be sure that you are working with a safe pair of hands. My mission is that you will leave stronger, healthier, wiser and more fulfilled after working with me, than when you came. Don’t leave it too late, work with me so that you learn to naturally heal and live longer, healthier and a more fulfilled life with this timeless healing wisdom.

–– Alex Carberry, Medical Herbalism, BSc.