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The use of plants for medicinal purposes.

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Take Control of Your Health & Self-Development


Sharing knowledge and educating.

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Learn Natural Healing

In the modern world 7 illnesses kill 70% of us because we don’t know Natural Healing. I teach and support Natural Healing so that my clients can live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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Work with Alex

Chronic illness, tiredness and a busy professional life can be exhausting and frustrating. It’s like swimming against the tide and trying everything to keep going. At the point that you realise that healing doesn't come by just dealing with symptoms. Then work with me to heal illness at its root by using natural healing and constitutional medicine. By working with me, you gain a deeper grasp of your health, psychology and how you heal.

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Healing Support Products

You lead a busy life and require support to heal and optimise your health. I've made products for you that benefit from over a decade of clinical experience and a lifetime appreciation of herbs. Let that support you.

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A little about me

In the modern world 7 illnesses will kill 70% of us because we don’t know natural healing principles. I am a herbalist and author, committed to teaching you to awaken your natural inner healing ability, so that you get well from the inside out. Your healing journey should be based upon simple medicinal principles that give stable and reliable results, because when recovering from illness you don’t need to be confused, discouraged and overwhelmed. And disease should not defeat you.

Book an appointment with me for support on your healing journey from an experienced teacher who teaches who combines cutting edge modern scientific insights and traditional wisdom.

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Learn Natural Healing

In a world where lifestyle and dietary habits kills 70% of us, whilst the misinformation about healthy lifestyle and diet can leave you confused, ill and disempowered, a knowledge of Constitutional Medicine and Natural Healing couldn’t be more needed. Constitutional Medicine combines physiology and psychology, teaching you how to transform your life with the wisdom of 4000 years of the most effective herbal medical experience. You learn to Know Yourself. It enables you to grasp how your body and mind work in a way that allows you to transform your lifestyle, diet, relationships and psychology, so that you can live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Clinic & Coaching

My job is treating, supporting and teaching you what you need to know, to learn and apply this wisdom in your life and in your context so that you begin to heal from the inside out. Patients often come to me after they have run out of conventional options, healing takes time, so you need to commit to 3 to 6 months of treatment. I teach you how to heal in harmony with your constitution by applying natural medicinal wisdom. To learn this in my clinic and coaching programs then follow the link. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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